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Who’s that behind Jake (and the Neverland Pirates)?

Why it’s littlebabydee!

Did my best to draw him in the same style, I’m actually really happy with how the colored lines look~

Binkies and barnacles, this is ADORABLE! :D Thank you beyond words, I can’t believe how incredibly you imitated the Jake art style~ plus it seriously looks just like me… You blew this out of the water dude, UNBELIEVABLE work! :) I’m super speechless, I don’t even know what to say! XD Thank you thank you THANK YOU!




I’ve noticed that there are a lot of littles and caregivers out there who are gamers, so I’d like to introduce Littlecraft!

Littlecraft is a vanilla Minecraft server just for ageplayers and the like (petplayers, abdls, sissies, etc are absolutely welcome!). It’ll be a good way to meet new people in the community and make new friends!

You can use the server for whatever you like, building, socialising, RP, anything at all. Plus it’s completely free and open to all ages!

All you have to do is message me (off anon please) with your Minecraft username and I can add you to the whitelist. Then when you open up your game, click “Minecraft Realms” and the server will be there for you 24/7!

Have fun and play nice!
Australian Daddy <3

Reblogging just so I remember this :p

wauw :) Nice made little guy ^^

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