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here’s a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to little baby dee, one of our favorite tumblr buddies! please send him great big birthday hugs. hope daddy gishy and your big bro bobby made sure you had extra padding for your special day!

Waah, thank you so so much Jimmy! And believe me, Daddy and Big Bro Bro have gotten me so much padding in the past two months, I don’t even know what to do with it all! (I guess the obvious answer would be to wear it XD) you guys are the best, thank you beyond words for the wonderful birthday wishes~ 💜💙💚❤️

Thank you so so much sweetie~ :3 so far it’s been amazing one for sure! After being literally showered in gifts, love, and attention by Daddy and my big bro bro Bobby this entire month, today we got to go and spend the day at Hollywood Studios with my lil’ sis Meggie! :) I decided to keep my birthday a teensy bit low-key this year, as I haven’t felt like doing much tumblr-wise as of late… I’ll be back eventually, I’ve just really kinda been enjoying/dealing with life ^^ Taking pictures all the time gets to be a pain in the padded bum after a while~ x.x But, thank you for the super sweet birthday wishes… I’ll be back with some picture and new posts in a liddle bit to say thanks to you guys for being so great! :)


Who’s that behind Jake (and the Neverland Pirates)?

Why it’s littlebabydee!

Did my best to draw him in the same style, I’m actually really happy with how the colored lines look~

Binkies and barnacles, this is ADORABLE! :D Thank you beyond words, I can’t believe how incredibly you imitated the Jake art style~ plus it seriously looks just like me… You blew this out of the water dude, UNBELIEVABLE work! :) I’m super speechless, I don’t even know what to say! XD Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
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